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Our principle is to provide KORLOG Cloud Services for our customers with seamless ease. With our experienced technical staff presents best support to your questions and problems.

Tech Design

KORLOG's focus is to make high tech solutions more affordable, more secure and more reliable. With high-quality hardware and software development on multiple platforms to make our products even more distinctive

Big Data

Big data, is evolving at a light speed. Data streaming everywhere. KORLOG analyzing the structured and unstructured data which can illuminate priceless and entirely new operational data. So wear your catching gloves.

IT Consulting

Get in touch with experts for your Big Data, IoT, Hardware & Software Research projects. KORLOG provides hands-on real world consultancy led by expert teams with broad experience in the industry.

Converged Cloud

KORLOG solutions and expertise to help you to create a open and secure converged cloud infrastructure. One of the KORLOG brand yerindehosting.com is Korlog Cloud services which has innovative features that answers custom needs.

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Sustainable Embedded Design

KORLOG is fulfilling your embedded designing needs while providing easy maintenance, seamless integration and high quality sustainable solutions.

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Big Data, Big Opportunity

To maintain control over Big Data environments, customers need complete visibility over all aspects. With KORLOG's faniah.online solution you can find a needle in a haystack.

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About us

KORLOG is a R&D company providing specialised solutions which easily maintainable, versatile, sustainable technologies that enable customers in a range of information industry